The primary role of an AGPAL Surveyor is an important and rewarding one – to assess the safety and quality of care provided by general practices against the RACGP Standards for general practices, including an on-site accreditation assessment.

Surveyors are the face of AGPAL’s accreditation program for general practice in Australia.

AGPAL engages healthcare professionals with relevant experience and qualifications in general practice. As professional peers, surveyors have a unique opportunity to promote quality improvement while developing their own professional skills and gaining a unique insight into the diverse contexts of general practice nationally. Our surveyors note that this brings great value to their own practices, through the uptake of innovative ideas, systems and processes shared during assessments.

Surveyors in Focus

Image of AGPAL Co-Surveyor, Daphne Kneale

Surveying since 1997 – Daphne Kneale, AGPAL Co-Surveyor

What I enjoy about being an AGPAL Co-Surveyor is being part of the team, to share knowledge I have gained over the years as a practice manager.
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Image of AGPAL Surveyors at a remote Northern Territory clinic in 2018 for an on-site accrediation survey

A ‘Pair of Surveyors’ Accreditation Adventure

An accreditation adventure with on-site assessments at remote health services located in Titjikala, Yuendumu and Alpurrurulam NT communities.
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Image of AGPAL GP Surveyor, A/Prof Harry Jacobs

600+ on-site assessments and counting – A/Prof Harry Jacobs, AGPAL GP Surveyor

Associate Professor Harry Jacobs is an AGPAL GP Surveyor who has completed over 600 on-site assessments since taking on the role in 1999.
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Surveying with AGPAL

AGPAL look for experienced professionals in general practice who want to be involved in and serve their community. Our surveyors are enthusiastic about mentoring and education, and they believe in quality improvement as both continuous and essential to professional practice.

Our most committed surveyors want to be positive change agents in their profession and they value the lifestyle opportunities that surveying offers. The varying locations of clients and the autonomy that AGPAL offers are rewarding aspects of the work which is reported to, and can make a welcome change from the typical role surveyors perform in their practices.

Given the scope of AGPAL’s clients, there is guaranteed to be something of interest for everyone. If you have a particular passion for regional health services or simply want to see how other practices in your city solve the same challenges, surveying is an exceptional way to build your knowledge of best practice and the innovative solutions available to the general practice industry.

AGPAL encourages applications from experienced general practitioners, practice managers, practice nurses, allied health professionals, paediatricians, doctors with hospital experience and doctors with correctional services or prisons. ­

Join us as an AGPAL Surveyor

If you would like to become part of our GP Surveyor or Co-Surveyor workforce, submit your details through the form below and we will be in touch when positions become available.