Did you know that as an AGPAL client you have access to over 300 tools, resources and e-Learning modules? You are allocated your very own dedicated accreditation support contact? That there are a range of online features in your accreditation hub to make preparing for your accreditation easier while also supporting you with quality improvement activities?

Your 2019 AGPAL webinar series is here to remind or inform you of the support available to you and your team, and to ensure you are optimising the technology currently available.

Now that all practice teams are accrediting against the RACGP Standards 5th edition, we’ve also developed a three part 5th edition webinar series where we’ll share useful tips to make interpreting and actioning your accreditation requirements that little bit easier.

Each webinar has been designed by our knowledgeable and friendly team to deliver informative and practical content in an easy-to-follow format. To keep it snappy you and your team will be equipped with these learnings in 30 minutes or less.

AGPAL live webinar series schedule and descriptions

To discover what’s on offer and how your AGPAL benefits can best support your team, check out our schedule below:

NOTE: Access and technical details are provided following the schedule.


AGPAL webinar 1: Kickstarting your accreditation journey with AGPAL
Wednesday 13 March 2019  
l   11:30am AEST
If you’re new to AGPAL or your team would like a refresher, our first AGPAL Webinar will outline the accreditation process and all the complimentary support, tools and resource offerings available to assist you along the way.
Discover the importance of getting to know your dedicated AGPAL Client Liaison Officer and how your team can engage in development opportunities on a continual basis.

*** COMPLETED! Visit your QbAY > Webinars within your AGPAL accreditation hub to view when it is available ***


AGPAL webinar 2: Your AGPAL accreditation hub
The tailored technology solution fueling your accreditation preparation, efficiencies, team work and quality improvement initiatives
Wednesday 27 March 2019   l   11:30am AEST
Your online AGPAL accreditation hub is tailored to your organisation’s individual accreditation timelines and framework requirements, and makes planning for and achieving accreditation just that much easier. In addition to housing your easy-to-use self-assessment software known as AccreditationPro, your accreditation hub allows you to create team action plans, access over 300 resources and education offerings, keep up with the latest news, develop a functional document management system and much more! This AGPAL webinar will outline each of your accreditation hub benefits and how your team can best maximise each feature and function to your advantage.

*** REGISTRATIONS NOW OPEN – login to your AGPAL accreditation hub or click on the link in your latest AGPAL Assist to register! ***


AGPAL webinar 3: AGPAL 5th edition webinar series
Part 1 of 3: Quick tips to interpret and apply the 5th edition Standards
Wednesday 10 April 2019   l   11:30am AEST
The RACGP Standards for general practices 5th edition aim to improve the quality and safety of your practice, protect your patients from harm and support your team to identify and address any gaps in your systems and processes. Understanding how to interpret the requirements of the 5th edition Standards will better support you to demonstrate compliance with each Indicator, leading to continual and ingrained quality improvements across all areas of your practice including patient care. So, what does your team need to know to ensure you understand the 5th edition Standards requirements? In this webinar our 5th edition experts will introduce you to the structure of the RACGP Standards 5th edition as well as several practical examples of how to interpret and apply the Standards to assist with your accreditation preparation.


AGPAL webinar 4: Become an AccreditationPro Pro
Wednesday 24 April 2019   l   11:30am AEST
Housed within your AGPAL accreditation hub, AccreditationPro is your user-friendly online self-assessment tool. This software system has been built to assist your team with undertaking a step-by-step gap analysis against the RACGP Standards 5th edition, supporting you to prepare for accreditation and identify quality improvements.

AccreditationPro includes a number of helpful and easy to use features, assisting your team to:

  • Gain a real-time progress report and understanding of your compliance against the RACGP Standards
  • Enhance your Indicator knowledge and associated evidence requirements
  • Identify quality improvements
  • Develop a printable team action plan
  • Utilise specific Standards related resources to create and upload evidence
  • Directly message your AGPAL Client Liaison Officer.

This AGPAL webinar will demonstrate how you can maximise each feature and functionality within AccreditationPro to raise your quality bar and team efficiencies.


AGPAL webinar 5: AGPAL 5th edition webinar series
Part 2 of 3: Engaging your team in the accreditation process
Wednesday 08 May 2019   l   11:30am AEST
As the saying goes ‘many hands make light work’ and this strategy certainly applies in the achievement of accreditation. In addition to sharing accreditation related action items across members of your team, the concept of team work will see you undertake a more organised approach to accreditation, Standards knowledge will be better understood, staff involved in the interview component of the on-site accreditation survey will feel more confident and your team culture will be strengthened to ultimately deliver better patient outcomes. In this webinar we share several strategies to engage your team in the accreditation process, highlight which 5th edition Standards involve a team-based approach to compliance and the best way to prepare for the interview component of your AGPAL on-site assessment.


AGPAL webinar 6: Making the most of your complimentary AGPAL resources and personalised support
Wednesday 22 May 2019   l   11:30am AEST

With over 300 resources, tools, customisable templates and e-Learning modules all sitting in your AGPAL accreditation hub, are you and your team making the most of all your AGPAL benefits? As a not-for-profit organisation we’re committed to constantly updating, and improving our resource, support and service offerings to ensure your accreditation and quality improvement experience is a positive one. This webinar will take you on a tour of your online Education & Resource library, otherwise known as QbAY, and will highlight some of our most popular resource and education offerings to support practice efficiencies and improvements, accreditation requirements, team member learnings and more! You’ll also gain insight into the role of your dedicated Client Liaison Officer and all the ways they can assist you at each and every stage of your accreditation cycle.


AGPAL Webinar 7: AGPAL 5th edition webinar series
Part 3 of 3: Hot 5th edition topic – Business planning 101
Wednesday 05 June 2019   l   11:30am AEST
Our team has listened to your requests and we are proud to present to you – AGPAL’s business planning 101 webinar. This webinar will touch the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of business planning while linking into the associated mandatory Indicator requirements of the RACGP Standards 5th edition in association with Criterion C3.1 – Business operation systems. During this webinar we will direct you to a number of complimentary tools and resources to further support you with the creation and implementation of your practice’s business plan.


AGPAL webinar 8: Technology at your fingertips – your AGPAL document management system
Wednesday 19 June 2019  
l   11:30am AEST
Did you know that AGPAL offers a complimentary document management system? Save space, time, money AND the environment by storing your accreditation related or all of your electronic files in one safe place – the choice is yours! Stored in a secure cloud Australian based ‘Tier 4’ data and security centre, your AGPAL document management system lets you set varying levels of accessibility to individual user accounts, structure your files in a format that suits you that suits you and is available 24/7 via your accreditation hub. This webinar will teach you how to use your complimentary document management system to your advantage. We’ll show you how to upload documents, set up your file structure, share documents across multi-sites and set levels of access and review dates all within your AGPAL accreditation hub.


CLICK HERE to download your AGPAL live webinar serices schedule. More 2019 webinar dates and topics to be released! Keep an eye out in your AGPAL communications and accreditation hub for further details.


Accessing your AGPAL live webinar series

Access each webinar live or post-event by following te details below:

  • Each webinar is between 20 to 30 minutes long.
  • All webinar start times are in based on AEST.
  • Due to software capabilities each LIVE webinar is capped at 1000 attendees, however all webinars will be recorded and loaded into the ‘WEBINARS’ section of QbAY within your accreditation hub the following week.
  • Registration will be allocated on a ‘first in’ basis.
  • All webinars will be undertaken using GotoWebinars.
  • The webinar will open 45 minutes prior to the start of a webinar to allow ample time for connection set-up. You may be required to download GoToWebinars if the program doesn’t automatically launch.
  • Your AGPAL Preferred Accreditation Contact will be emailed the upcoming webinar registration link and session description one week prior to the event or gain access via the ‘NEWS’ and ‘WEBINAR’ sections of your accreditation hub.
  • After registering for a webinar, GotoWebinars will send you a registration confirmation and reminder one day prior to the event.
  • Our team will endeavour to answer your questions at the end of each webinar, however all additional queries will be followed up in AGPAL communications or by contacting your AGPAL Client Liaison Officer.
  • For any queries or accreditation support, contact our team.