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AGPAL 2020 Webinar Schedule

After the positive response to our 2019 AGPAL live webinars, we’re excited to release a new schedule for the first half of 2020.

We’ve managed to secure a number of content experts to support in the delivery of our live webinars to provide you with key learnings across a variety of general practice and 5th edition topics.

If you missed our 2019 releases, login to your AGPAL accreditation hub > ‘EDUCATION & RESOURCES’ > ‘WEBINARS’ to view our range of recorded webinars.

Discover what’s on offer below or
download a pdf version here.

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NOTE: Access and technical details are provided following the schedule. Due to time changes based on daylight savings, please double-check the appropriate start time in your state/territory.

Clinical & Business Risk Management (two parts)

Part 1: Clinical Risk Management
Wednesday 11 March, 11.00am (AEST)

Patient safety and quality care is the number one priority within general practice. To support the effective delivery of safe and quality care, general practices must have strong risk management systems in place to identify, reduce and avoid the occurrences of clinical risk and harm to your patients.

This webinar will outline clinical risk in general practice settings and will investigate strategies to support the prevention and minimisation of clinical risk. Structured response techniques will also be discussed should a clinical risk occur. Application of the relevant RACGP Standards 5th edition will also be highlighted to support you with understanding your accreditation requirements in relation to this topic.

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Part 2: Business Risk Management

Wednesday 25 March, 11.00am (AEST)

All organisations are faced with business risks on a daily basis however in healthcare settings, the importance of effectively managing this risk is higher due to the requirement to continuously provide quality care and safety to your patients. Embedding risk management systems across all levels of your practice is essential and, in this webinar, you’ll discover ideas and initiatives to assist you in taking a proactive approach to risk management. A key topic within the RACGP Standards 5th edition, you’ll also be provided with an overview of the relevant business risk management Standards and Indicators to assist you in developing quality and safety systems and processes.

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Mental health & wellness within general practice

Wednesday 15 April, 11.00am (AEST)

Supporting positive mental health and wellness within any workplace is essential. Within primary care, a large majority of healthcare providers treat or refer patients to specialists for mental health conditions on a daily basis and yet a number of healthcare professionals are unfortunately suffering themselves.

Beyond Blue states that ‘Evidence suggests health professionals are at greater risk of experiencing anxiety, depression and suicide. Risk factors in the workplace include heavy workloads, long working hours, shift work, bullying, harassment, occupational violence, and home/work stress’.

With a number of challenges faced by all members of the general practice team, this webinar aims to identify ways to support the creation of a mentally healthy workplace and identifies professional resources available to support those who may be suffering from mental health.

For any urgent support:

·        Lifeline, phone 13 11 14

·        Beyond Blue, phone 1300 22 4636

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How to deal with difficult patients
Wednesday 13 May, 11.00am (AEST)

Treating patients from all walks of life, the sad reality is that it’s not uncommon for general practice teams to experience encounters with difficult patients. It’s important that your team isn’t blasé about the risk of occupational violence and aggression, or the negative impact dealing with difficult and abusive patients can have on your team.

This webinar explores several strategies to effectively manage patients during these situations and ensuring your staff are protected. Relevant Indicators within the RACGP Standards 5th edition will also be addressed to support you in creating a safe workplace and mitigating risk with a variety of systems, processes, policies and training.

Based on client feedback around this topic, our team has developed a ‘Zero Tolerance’ poster which we encourage you to download and display in your practice. Login to your AGPAL accreditation hub > ‘EDUCATION & RESOURCES’ > ‘CONSUMER/PATIENTS COMMUNICATION’ to access your poster today.

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Contingency planning for your practice

Wednesday 17 June, 11.00am (AEST)

Contingency planning plays a critical role in managing risk and when all doesn’t go to plan it’s important to be prepared. Effective contingency planning includes regular review, monitoring and implementation of measures to mitigate risk to equip you with a planned approach to managing risk should an unexpected situation or event occur.

This webinar will provide practical tips and processes to support effective contingency planning should a significant event impact your practice. We’ll also outline the relevant Standards or Indicators of the RACGP Standards 5th edition to assist your team in identifying your accreditation requirements in relation to this topic.

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Accessing your AGPAL Webinar Series

Access each webinar live or post-event by following the details below:

  • Each webinar is between 20 to 30 minutes long. At times we may go slightly over however if you need to leave simply log out of the webinar.
  • All webinar start times are in based on AEST.
  • Due to software capabilities, each LIVE webinar is capped at 500 attendees, however, all webinars will be recorded and loaded into the ‘WEBINARS’ section of your education and resource library within your AGPAL accreditation hub the following week.
  • Registration will be allocated on a ‘first in’ basis.
  • All webinars will be undertaken using GoToWebinar.
  • Registration links will be distributed via AGPAL Assist e-bulletins and can also be found in the ‘WEBINARS’ section of your education and resource library, within your AGPAL accreditation hub.
  • The webinar will open 45 minutes prior to the start of a webinar to allow ample time for connection set-up. You may be required to download GoToWebinar if the program doesn’t automatically launch.
  • After registering for a webinar, GoToWebinar will send you a registration confirmation and reminder one day prior to the event.

Our team will endeavour to answer your questions at the end of each webinar, however, all additional queries will be followed up in AGPAL communications or by contacting your AGPAL Client Liaison Officer.

For any queries or support contact the AGPAL Team.

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