The AGPAL & QIP Education and Training Team specialise in providing quality, tailored education and training for health and community services.

Since forming in 2016, we have built a strong reputation throughout the Australian health and community services sectors, having delivered a range of innovative educational projects, and tailored training solutions for clients with unique needs, including Federal and State Governments.
We specialise in supporting a diverse range of organisations to:
  • Implement new Standards and accreditation
  • Facilitate health care transformation
  • Build a culture of quality improvement
  • Embed cultural change
  • Manage organisational change, and
  • Build robust governance structures and business development, and increase workforce capacity.

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The AGPAL Group of Companies

AGPAL & QIP Education and Training is coordinated as part of the AGPAL Group of Companies, Australia's most comprehensive accreditation and quality support organisations. As part of the AGPAL Group of Companies, the AGPAL & QIP Education and Training Team is committed to partnering with clients to improve service delivery and better support their consumers.

The AGPAL Group of Companies provides accreditation to primary, secondary and tertiary health care organisations and community organisations, and has significant experience in the human services sector.

Our Team


Our AGPAL & QIP Education and Training Team consists of a group of multi-disciplinary professionals with expertise in educational excellence.

We're passionate about supporting our clients to improve the health and wellbeing of Australians nationwide. We approach every assignment with our client's learning goals and organisational aspirations firmly in mind.

Dr Tina Janamian, a nationally and internationally recognised leader in primary health care innovation and transformation, leads our team. Tina has worked extensively with Federal and State Governments, health and community services, consumers, and tertiary institutions to co-design and deliver successful education and training programs across multiple sectors.

Expert Trainers

We collaborate with a community of national and international experts to deliver current, accurate and meaningful content across a diverse range of topic areas. Our trainers are engaging and learner focused.

The balance of innovation and experience our trainer community brings, with our contemporary approach to education ensures our clients' needs are both met and exceeded.

Training Approach

The AGPAL & QIP Education and Training approach is built on evidence-based principles and theories to ensure we create high-quality, relevant and meaningful content for our clients.

By embedding these principles throughout our training programs, we create high quality, relevant and meaningful education and training.

Our processes are embedded in:

Adult Learning Theory

We recognise adults tend to be self-directed and internally motivated when engaged in learning and prefer an outcomes-based view of their training. Our design approach is to embed purpose-driven activities and deliver smaller micro-learning options.

Education Co-Creation

Value is created when people work together. By engaging relevant stakeholders, end-users and subject experts in training programs, we ensure theory and application is incorporated so learner needs are met in meaningful, contextual and appropriate ways.

User-Centred Design

We firmly believe that learning happens within the learner. This principle places the end user, or learner, at the centre of the design approach. To achieve this, we engage the end-user throughout the designing and developing process, and develop user personas to test the alignment of our educational approach.

Continuous Quality Improvement

We believe continuous quality improvement, with the goal of becoming a high-performing health or community service organisation, involves ongoing learning for both management and staff.

Some of Our Clients

Victoria State Government
CFEP Surveys
PHN Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
PHN Adelaide
PHN Central and Eastern Sydney
PHN Gold Coast
PHN Eastern Melbourne
PHN Hunter New England & Central Coast
PHN North Western Melbourne
PHN Perth North & South, Country WA
PHN Northern Sydney
PHN Tasmania
PHN Western Queensland

Peak Bodies and Partner Organisations

The AGPAL & QIP Education and Training Team acknowledges and values the support provided through our existing relationships with peak bodies and partnering organisations. We have collaborated extensively with various peak body organisations, AGPAL members, Primary Health Networks (PHNs), local, state and federal governments and key partnering organisations to support and deliver high-quality training solutions across the nation.