There are numerous reasons health and community service organisations may be driven to engage in accreditation. At AGPAL, we understand that every practice is different and we work in partnership with each practice to find accreditation programs or support services to best meet their needs.

For practices requiring more than general practice accreditation, AGPAL – as part of the AGPAL Group of Companies – are able to provide a variety of accreditation, certification and verification offerings against multiple sets of frameworks.

Our innovative software solutions allow practices to align their accreditation cycles, to support a team-based approach to the accreditation process and ease of planning, while reducing duplication of work effort.

Standards and Frameworks

View a sample of the standards and frameworks the AGPAL Group is able to offer as part of our multi-accreditation options below. If you would like to speak to us regarding multi-accreditation, please contact us.

ARVAS Standards

Australian Retirement Village Accreditation Scheme


Australian Service Excellence Standards

DIAS Standards

Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Scheme

Human Services Standards

Human Services Standards, Victoria


Human Services Quality Framework

ISO 9001:2015

IO 9001:2015


National Disability Insurance Scheme Practice Standards

NSQHS Standards

National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards

NSQHS Dental

NSQHS Standards for Private Dental Practices


National Standards for Mental Health Services

QIC Standards

QIC Health and Community Services Standards

RACGP for Prisons

RACGP Standards for health services in Australian prisons

Rainbow Tick

Rainbow Tick Standards

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