With over 21 years’ experience in general practice accreditation, AGPAL has unique insight and in-depth knowledge into the applicability of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) Standards for general practices 5th edition. To assist your team in preparing for accreditation against the RACGP Standards, we have developed a range of resources and support.

Did you know that AGPAL clients have access to over 300 tools, resources and e-Learning modules? Every AGPAL client is allocated their own  accreditation support contact who is dedicated to supporting your team as often or as little at you need and at no additional cost – it’s all just part of the service.

Your exclusive AGPAL client benefits also include a range of online features to make preparing for accreditation easier, while supporting your team to complete your quality improvement activities.

Image of AGPAL client resources including accrediation certificate, posters and more

Improving your accreditation experience

Personalised Support

AGPAL’s friendly, professional and supportive Client Liaison Team is committed to providing personalised assistance specific to your accreditation needs via phone and various digital channels.

Stay in the Know

Keep up-to-date with AGPAL communications, including Quality News magazine, AGPAL Assist e-bulletin and exclusive articles featuring standards information, industry news and organisation features.

Innovative technologies

The AGPAL accreditation hub houses online self-assessment tool AccreditationPro, education and resource library, document management system & more.

Celebrating accreditation

Practices receive everything from an A3 accreditation certificate, an AGPAL accredited symbol, display stickers, flyers, posters, a customisable media release and digital files – AGPAL has you sorted!

Education and Training

Continuous quality improvement, with the goal of becoming a high-performing health or community service organisation involves ongoing learning for both management and staff. AGPAL provides a range of education and training opportunities to support practices during their accreditation journey.

As a not-for-profit organisation, supporting health and community service providers to improve the quality of their organisation is important to us – it’s our reason for being.

We also recognise the significant role peak body organisations and government departments play in assisting health and community service providers, and therefore work in partnership to deliver education and training while sharing resources and industry knowledge.

With a range of complimentary offerings available to clients within their accreditation hub, AGPAL’s Education and Training Team also specialises in fee-for-service tailored training packages to support enhanced learning across the sector.

Image of people learning at an AGPAL & QIP Education and Training face-to-face workshop

General practice accreditation resources

Below you will find a selection of AGPAL article resources relating to the RACGP Standards (5th edition), taken from our recent editions of Quality News magazine. Each article focuses on a specific Indicator within the Standards, and has a corresponding resource for AGPAL clients, located within their AGPAL accreditation hub. Your AGPAL accreditation hub has over 300 resources just like this!

AGPAL Resource:Image of AGPAL's RACGP Standards 5th edition general practice resource for infection control from Quality News magazine
Infection prevention and control

  • RACGP Standards 5th edition Indicators GP4.1>A and B
  • AGPAL Client Resource: search 'infection control poster' in your AGPAL accreditation hub Education & Resource Library

AGPAL Resource: Zero Tolerance -Image of AGPAL's RACGP Standards 5th edition general practice resource for zero tolerance of abuse from AGPAL's Quality News magazine
Preparing for difficult or abusive patients

  • RACGP Standards 5th edition Indicators C2.1>D, C3.1>D, C3.5>A, C8.1>A, GP2.4>A & B
  • AGPAL Client Resource: search 'zero tolerance poster' in your AGPAL accreditation hub Education & Resource Library

AGPAL Resource:Image of AGPAL's RACGP Standards 5th edition general practice resource for business planning from Quality News magazine
Extensive business planning package with templates, guides and more.

    • RACGP Standards 5th edition Indicators C3.1> A and B

AGPAL Resource:Image of AGPAL's RACGP Standards 5th edition general practice resource for quality improvement from Quality News magazine
Complimentary quality improvement e-Learning module

    • RACGP Standards 5th edition Indicators 3.1> A and B
    • AGPAL Client Resource: visit the e-Learning section of your Education & Resource Library in your AGPAL accreditation hub

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