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Education & Training

Continuous quality improvement with the goal of becoming a high performing practice or organisation involves ongoing learning for both management and staff. At AGPAL we provide a range of complimentary education and training opportunities to support general practice teams during their accreditation journey.

As a not-for-profit organisation, supporting general practices and Aboriginal Medical Services to improve the quality of their organisations is important to us – it’s our reason for being. We also recognise the significant role peak body organisations and Primary Health Networks (PHNs) play in assisting health services and service providers, and therefore work in partnership to deliver education and training while sharing resources and industry knowledge.

Contact out Education & Training Team to learn more about our fee-for-service offerings, packaging and tailored solutions or program for your organisation

Complimentary Education & Training

AGPAL clients and PHNs have access to a number of complimentary benefits to support and educate their teams, on the accreditation process, the specific Standards, evidence requirements and on quality improvement.

AGPAL’s online education and resource library, known as QbAY, contains fact-sheets, customisable templates (including a policy and procedure manual), checklists, posters, communications and e-Learning modules which help our clients, and other key organisations, to expand their knowledge of accreditation and implement quality improvements.

As an AGPAL client, you can access QbAY by logging in to your AGPAL accreditation hub and selecting ‘EDUCATION & RESOURCES (QbAY)’ from the top navigation bar.

This section of your accreditation hub contains information which spans across all areas of a general practice, supporting you to identify opportunities for quality improvement and enhance your knowledge of evidence requirements, as well as tips to help you prepare for self-assessment and on-site accreditation survey.

Practice Management

  • Governance

  • Human Resource Management

  • Information Management

  • Risk Management

  • Evaluation and Feedback

Access to Accreditation Pro

Practice Control

  • Policy and Procedure Manual

  • Safety and Quality

  • Facilities and Equipment

  • Health Promotion and Prevention

  • Infection Control



  • Consumer/Patient Communication

  • Clinical Resources

  • Health Records Management

  • Medicine Safety

  • Vaccine Management

Online Learning

Within your AGPAL accreditation hub, you will have access to the online education and resource library known as QbAY. This platform includes a range of interactive learning solutions to support your team to develop a greater understanding of accreditation requirements.

Our team is enhancing our offering with the development of:

e-Learning Modules

Access to Online Learning


Become part of our online community


Fee-for-Service Offerings

We offer fee-for-service education and training solutions that are more comprehensive and tailored to the client’s needs.

These training products can be delivered in a variety or combination of formats, including face-to-face workshops, webinars and podcasts, online modules, reference guides and user manuals, templates/tools and resources, and access to forums and community groups to foster local and global contacts, share solutions and support innovation.

Our Education & Training team will work with you to develop a tailored training package,
ensuring it is fit-for-purpose and meets your desired learning objectives.

Training Packages

Focusing on specific content, AGPAL’s fee-for-service training packages
can span over one to five days dependant on the required learning objectives.

  • Frameworks and approaches to support CQI culture for sustainable change
  • Model for improvement/measurement for improvement
  • Interface between quality assurance (accreditation), improvement, and innovation
  • Quality management systems, and
  • Quality coaching.
  • Change management plans for implementing a new model of care (e.g. Patient-centred medical home or Health Care Homes)
  • Transformation concepts (CQI, leadership, team-based care, population health, data-driven improvements)
  • Building workforce capacity to deliver coordinated care
  • Integrated care frameworks
  • Building multi and interdisciplinary teams
  • Strengthening leadership, partnership, communication and governance for integrated care
  • Partnering with patients and their carers, and
  • Improving quality and patient safety.
  • Essential leadership skills and functions
  • Engaged leadership – leaders as change agents
  • Change models and concepts to sustainable change
  • Readiness for change (tolls and resources for change), and
  • Redesign (establish effective systems, processes and workflows).
  • Developing a culture for teamwork
  • Creating high performance teams
  • Workforce capacity/capability and skills building
  • Contemporary evidence based clinical and non-clinical workforce models
  • Emerging roles in primary care practice
  • Clinical leadership for team-based care
  • Empowering staff
  • Preventing staff burnout, and
  • Team coaching model.
  • Implementing innovative business models (audit of existing model; review systems and processes; and development of improved model)
  • System and process redesign
  • Business performance
  • Risk management
  • Knowledge management, and
  • Measurement, monitoring, bench-marking and analytics.
  • Co-creating health techniques and approaches to support consumers navigate the health system
  • Patient skills and confidence for self-management
  • Patient activation and health coaching
  • Patient/carer health literacy to support engagement, and
  • Patient-team partnership.
  • Data cleansing, optimisation, analytics and reporting
  • Benchmarking
  • Organisational audits
  • Shared care planning
  • Shared clinical governance, and
  • Measuring and improving care.

Contact our Education & Training Team to learn more about our fee-for-service offerings, packaging and tailored solutions or program for your organisation