The AGPAL Team has created our very own innovative software solutions to step you through your accreditation cycle. Our AGPAL accreditation hub is your central home to assist you in undertaking your self-assessment, where you can access resources, education and training and allows you to implement best practice and ensure continuous quality improvement within your practice easily.

Develop your own personalised action list, create printable team action plans, develop a document management system, monitor your accreditation timelines, the latest updates and much more.

Your accreditation hub allows you to foster a team-based approach to accreditation and support you in reducing administrative burden often associated with the accreditation process.

AGPAL's accreditation hub

AGPAL’s online accreditation hub is tailored to each practice’s individual accreditation timelines and framework requirements. This practice management platform offers a number of practical and useful features which supports individuals and teams to prepare for accreditation and to implement quality improvements.

Your complimentary AGPAL accreditation hub

As a registered AGPAL client, you have access to your personalised accreditation hub to support your team at each stage of the accreditation cycle.

Multi-user and organisation functionality

Support teamwork across multiple practices or sites during the accreditation process:

  • Each member of your team can login to your accreditation hub with their own individual user account, or utilise the single organisation or ‘head office’ account.
  • Users linked to multiple practices or sites can access all accreditation information for all sites with a single login.

Document management system

Upload multiple pieces of evidence at one time and keep track of document versioning and review dates. Go paperless with secure and safe Tier IV, Australian based cloud storage, with multi-user and multi-organisation options for optimum team-based input.

Built-in messaging system

Your AGPAL accreditation hub houses a unique, in-built messaging system, linked directly to your Client Liaison Officer’s message dashboard. This system enables you to message your Client Liaison Officer as you work through your self-assessment in AccreditationPro.

Queries are aimed to be answered within a 24-hour turnaround during business days.

Education and resource library

Find over 300 tools, resources and education offerings, including templates, posters and customisable registers and policies – including a Policy and Procedure Manual created specifically for practices accrediting with the RACGP Standards 5th edition.

You’ll also discover a suite of e-Learning modules and webinars on a range of topics to support your team with accreditation preparation, quality improvement activities, knowledge enhancement and professional development opportunities.

Personalised action plan

Create an action plan for your practices, allocate responsibilities to your team members and monitor the progress of key tasks. With an easy to download capability, print your action plan off and make it a regular discussion point at your team meetings.

Accreditation self-assessment progress overview

Provides your practice’s key deadlines and milestones and includes graphs showing your practices self-assessment progress.

Monitor how much of your self-assessment is complete to ensure you are on track to meet all your important accreditation timelines.


Icon of AGPAL's AccreditationPro

AGPAL’s online self-assessment software, known as AccreditationPro, streamlines accreditation preparation by helping clients determine their practice’s compliance with the RACGP Standards.

AccreditationPro helps decrease the administrative burden of the self-assessment process and streamlines accreditation preparation. 

AccreditationPro allows you to undertake a team-based approach to quality to determine compliance, create and delegate action items, upload evidence and view helpful graphs to track your progress against the applicable RACGP Standards. Other benefits include:

  • Reducing administrative time and effort when undertaking accreditation
  • Gain online access anywhere, anytime
  • Upload required documents and evidence online, reducing the amount of paperwork involved
  • Be flexible in the timeframes of completion of the self-assessment, saving your work as you go
  • Review the progress of your practice’s self-assessment at any stage before submission
  • Work through the Standards in either ‘systems order’ or ‘standards order’, depending on preference, by changing the in-system view. Systems order allows you to view information in topical format e.g. by policies or HR documentation, while standards order allows you to view information numerically as outlined in the Standards document, and
  • Create action plans outlining the activities or tasks required to meet the Standards, with the functionality to allocate responsibilities to team members and monitor progress of key items within your action plan.

Education and Resource Library

To ensure you and your practice team can continue on your quality improvement journey, the AGPAL team has developed a comprehensive suite of tools, resources and education offerings to assist you with 5th edition evidence requirements and best practice systems and processes across all areas of general practice.

AGPAL clients can access their Education and Training Library by logging in to their AGPAL accreditation hub and selecting ‘EDUCATION & RESOURCES’ from the top navigation bar.

Tools and Resources

As an AGPAL client you have access to over 300 tools and resources, which include:

  • Updated RACGP Standards 5th edition based, customisable Policy and Procedure Manual
  • A suite of templates to assist in gathering relevant evidence to achieve accreditation against the 5th edition
  • AGPAL fact sheets to support you in interpreting the 5th edition requirements
  • Resources for use within your practice, including posters and guides
  • Links to important industry and government websites that house relevant information such as codes, legislation and helpful information, and
  • Communications including news articles, AGPAL Quality News magazine, AGPAL Assist e-bulletin, and much more!

Complimentary e-Learning

AGPAL clients have access to a number of complimentary benefits to support and educate their teams on the accreditation process.

  • e-Learning – To enhance team knowledge and to support professional development, our suite of e-Learning modules, created by our Education and Training Team. With dozens of modules, many offering CPD points from the RACGP and AAPM, there's something for everyone
  • Video Training Series – Extensive and in-depth look into the RACGP Standards 5th edition, presented by Gary Smith, AGPAL Surveyor and Practice Manager, and
  • Webinars – With dozens of webinars, and more on the way, there is a wealth of topics on offer. Most of our webinars are recorded live, allowing for real-time answering of your questions. Keep an eye on our News & Updates for information about our upcoming webinars.

View more of our Education and Training offerings