Continuous quality improvement, with the goal of becoming a high-performing general practice, involves ongoing learning for both management and staff. AGPAL provides a range of education and training opportunities to support practices during their accreditation journey.

As a not-for-profit organisation, supporting practices improve the quality of their service provision is important to us. AGPAL clients and PHNs have access to a number of benefits to support and educate their teams on the accreditation process, the specific Standards, evidence requirements and quality improvement.


AGPAL clients have access to a number of complimentary benefits to support and educate their teams on the accreditation process.


AGPAL offers fee-for-service education and training solutions that are tailored to client needs. Visit our Education & Training website for more information.

AGPAL’s Education & Training Library

Our online education and resource library, housed within AGPAL’s accreditation hub, contains information spanning all areas of general practice – supporting you to identify opportunities for quality improvement and enhance your knowledge of evidence requirements, as well as tips to help you prepare for self-assessment and on-site accreditation survey. With over 300 tools and resources available, AGPAL clients are spoilt for choice.

AGPAL clients can access their Education and Training Library by logging in to their AGPAL accreditation hub and selecting ‘EDUCATION & RESOURCES’ from the top navigation bar.

Image of a practice manager using AccreditationPro

Complimentary e-Learning Modules

To enhance team knowledge and to support professional development, our suite of e-Learning modules, created by our Education and Training team are also housed within the education and resource library.

These modules are available for viewing at any time, with some eligible for the allocation of QI&CPD points.

Exclusively available to AGPAL clients. discover what’s currently available below, with more added frequently.


Each AGPAL webinar has been designed by our knowledgeable and friendly team to deliver informative and practical content in an easy-to-follow format. Most of our webinars are recorded live, allowing for real-time answering of your questions, and are then uploaded into the ‘WEBINAR’ section of the ‘EDUCATION AND RESOURCES’ section within your AGPAL accreditation hub for easy access whenever you need.

Some of our currently available webinars, based on the RACGP Standards 5th edition, feature topics including:

  • Engaging your team in the accreditation process
  • Business Planning 101
  • Grasping the complexities of clinical governance
  • Quick tips to interpret and apply the 5th edition
  • and more!
Image of people learning at an AGPAL & QIP Education and Training face-to-face workshop

Visit the Education and training website to see our fee-for-service offerings