If our available training products aren't quite what you're looking for, talk to us about customising a package to suit your learning objectives. Training packages can be created from as many topic areas as you would like and can be delivered through the delivery modes below.

Delivery modes

Face to Face Workshops

Our face to face workshops are built and delivered across a variety of topic areas specific to your learning requirements.  We can deliver workshops at the location of your preference and for the agreed duration (ranging from 0.5 days to 5 days depending on your needs).

The workshops are delivered by the most suitable facilitators who are nationally recognised experts in their subject areas and experienced and passionate educators.

Our bespoke workshops are co-created as a collaboration with you the client, our team of educational professionals,  and specifically selected subject matter experts. The workshops are designed to be interactive and engaging. What you will experience is a combination of:

  • Strategically curated core content
  • Small group and whole group discussions
  • Reflective activities and
  • Practical activities that support the translation of learning into professional daily practice

Online Training

We offer a range of online interactive learning modules to support the individual or team-based learning and professional development and learning journey. These modules consist of a sequenced collection of subject-related materials designed to educate and train users around a particular topic or skill.

Our modules have been guided by nationally recognised experts, designed by our experienced instructional designers and tested extensively to ensure our clients receive a user-friendly, accurate and meaningful online learning experience.

We currently house a range of online learning modules on our Learning Management System (LMS) covering the following topics:

  • RACGP Standards

    • Standards for general practice 5th edition
    • Standards for after hours and medical deputising services

  • NSQHS Standards
  • Cultural Learning
  • Diversity Support Training (LGBTQI+)

We are eager to collaborate with clients and develop tailored online modules to support your evolving education and training needs. If your organisation has an existing Learner Management System, we are able to develop modules in a format that can be easily transferable to your system or we can develop a bespoke eLearning Platform to host your training material.


Our team can provide webinars across a diverse range of training topics and audience sizes (up to 500 participants). The webinars can be provided as part of a training program covering all of our presented topic areas. If your desired topic is not included in the previous list, we will collaborate with you and develop a webinar tailored to your learning needs.

All webinars are delivered by expert facilitators, with vast experience in the topic area, who draw on their practical professional experience to deliver in an interactive manner.

We can deliver webinars for various purposes:

  • Live and Interactive Webinars where the expert can deliver content on a specific area with the opportunity for participants to ask questions

  • Recorded Webinars where previous recordings can be packaged into an eLearning product that can be sent to directly to the client for ongoing training

  • Coaching Webinars where the expert can support participants to implement learning into practice through clinical coaching, mentoring and/or supporting communities of practice

  • Question and Answer Webinars where the expert can collaboratively problem-solve with participants through contextually relevant and real issues

Toolkits and Resources

Our Education and Training team can develop any type of educational and training resource to support your unique training needs - from a comprehensive toolkit, designed to support your team in the implementation of change around your desired topic area(s) to learning created to provide overall guidance and support for participants throughout their learning or quality improvement journey.

Our toolkits generally contain a collection of tools, resources, activities and case studies, all designed to support participants in reflectively adapting their practices. The toolkit is typically used to complement the face to face and webinar training programs to enhance the training and support the translation of learning into your everyday work. The toolkit can be provided in online, digital, and printable formats.

Blended Mode

The perfect option for a busy team, our blended mode option allows us to deliver onsite and then your participants can continue their learning in their own time in a self-paced manner.

Bespoke Online e-Learning Platforms

The AGPAL & QIP Education and Training Team has expertise in developing bespoke e-Learning Platforms to house and host training resources.

We have developed e-Learning platforms for both federal and state governments, Primary Health Networks, health services, corporate practices, and individual clients. Drawing on our training approach, we have the collaborative capacity to connect our client's system content and technologies with created learning materials.

Bespoke e-Learning platforms are able to become a data-bank for not only AGPAL & QIP Education and Training products, but any educational and training materials that currently exist.

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