Australian health and community peak bodies, including Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations (ACCHOs) and Primary Health Networks (PHNs), play an important role in supporting their local service providers to deliver high-quality care and support to members of their community.

The AGPAL Group of Companies is committed to improving the provision of health and community services in Australia. AGPAL’s unique position within the primary health sector allows us to provide unmatched support to these organisations to support them in achieving their programme objectives.

We provide services across the spectrum of health and community services relevant to your ACCHO, PHN or peak bodies’ objectives.

Supporting peak bodies

AGPAL’s accreditation services support general practice clients to implement continual quality improvements. With more than 21 years’ experience as the preferred accreditation provider to general practices in Australia, AGPAL has a unique insight into the challenges and performance of general practices within each peak body, ACCHO or PHN's geographical area.

To support peak body, ACCHOs and PHNs with understanding the health care needs of their communities, AGPAL is able to provide de-identified national and local general practice data and benchmarking. We can provide peak body support officers with access to resources so that they can assist general practices to continually improve safety and quality standards.

Access to AGPAL's accreditation hub

AGPAL’s accreditation hub is our innovative software solution that steps practices through their accreditation cycle – from completing their self-assessment, to resources and education and training.

AGPAL provides peak body support officers with access to the AGPAL accreditation hub, and access to an internal AGPAL contact to assist with navigating the hub from a support perspective.

Becoming familiar with AGPAL’s accreditation hub means peak bodies, ACCHOs and PHNs are able to guide their practices and relevant organisations through their accreditation cycle and access the resources available to them. This allows peak bodies, ACCHOs and PHNs to provide further assistance to practices as they undergo their accreditation and quality improvement journey.


education and training

Continuous quality improvement with the goal of becoming a high performing organisation involves ongoing learning for both management and staff. Our education and training team offer fee-for-service education and training opportunities that are more comprehensive and tailored to each peak bodies’ needs.

Our Education and Training Team works with peak bodies to develop tailored training packages, ensuring they are fit-for-purpose and meet the identified learning objectives. Visit our dedicated AGPAL & QIP Education and Training website to find out how we may be able to assist your organisation today.

Accreditation for
peak bodies and PHNs

Just like the service providers they support, participating in the process of accreditation allows peak bodies to demonstrate a commitment to continuous quality improvement while engaging in activities which enhance systems and processes, culture, and service delivery to better meet the needs of Australian consumers.

Accreditation for peak bodies, ACCHOs and PHNs can be undertaken as a single accreditation solution or paired with more tailored accreditation frameworks to meet specific service delivery needs. As part of the AGPAL Group of Companies, AGPAL can provide a range of accreditation options for your organisation.

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