Education and
Training Topics

Whether you'd like to hone in on one topic
or cover several,
our Education and Training
Team provides tailored 
training solutions
across a variety of topics.

Accreditation, certification and verification

  • Accreditation, certification and/or verification and quality assurance
  • Organisational auditing
  • Consumer and stakeholder feedback
  • Standards including

Business and finance

  • Business and finance for high performance package available
  • Implementing innovative business models (audit of the existing model; review systems and processes; and development of improved model)
  • System and process redesign
  • Business performance
  • Risk management
  • Knowledge management, and
  • Measurement, monitoring, bench marking and analytics.

Change management education & training

Communication education & training

  • Team development package
  • Creating positive relationships (internally and with consumers)
  • Conflict resolution
  • Dealing with difficult clients
  • Patient-provider communication, and
  • Collaboration/partnership models.

Cultural education & training

Data information education & training

  • Making the most of your data package
  • Data cleansing, optimisation, analytics and reporting
  • Benchmarking and organisational audits
  • Shared care planning
  • Shared clinical governance, and
  • Measuring and improving care.

CQI education & training

Governance education & training

  • Corporate governance
  • Clinical governance, and
  • Governance structures for effective shared care models.

Health care education & training

Human Resources (HR) education & training

  • Workforce inductions and team development
  • Staff attraction and retention (avoiding burnout)
  • Workforce planning and development
  • Inclusive workplaces
  • Trans-generational workforces
  • Professional development of your team
  • Bullying and harassment, and
  • Performance management.

Innovative care models education & training

IT education & training

  • Making the most of your data package
  • Information management
  • IT systems and data optimisation
  • Consumer management systems
  • Clinical information systems, and
  • Data cleansing, optimisation, analytics and reporting.

Leadership education & training

  • Clinical leadership
  • Business and practice leadership
  • Human resource management
  • Create and maintain positive workplace culture.
  • Essential leadership skills and functions
  • Engaged leadership and managing change, and
  • Redesign (establish effective systems, processes and workflows).

Marketing education & training

Person and family centred care

  • Person and family centred care package
  • Health techniques and approaches to navigate health systems
  • Patient skills and confidence for self-management
  • Patient activation and health coaching
  • Health literacy to support engagement, and
  • Patient-team partnership.

Process, policy and planning
education & training

  • Policy and procedures development and implementation strategies
  • Process mapping – the basis for analysis and improvement of business, and
  • Strategic plan development and implementation strategies.

Quality education & training

Risk education & training

  • Risk culture and management
  • Risk assessments and reporting
  • Safety and quality
  • Workplace health and safety (WHS), and
  • Occupational health and safety (OHS).

Other education & training topics

  • Diversity support (LGBTQIA+)
  • Clinical leadership
  • Coaching skills
  • Advanced personal planning
  • Healthcare neighbourhoods