Celebrating Excellence: Sabrina Allam Named AAPM 2023 Practice Manager of the Year

We are thrilled to feature an exclusive Q&A with Sabrina Allam, the recipient of the prestigious AAPM 2023 Practice Manager of the Year award, announced in October 2023. This accolade recognises Sabrina’s exceptional contributions to practice management across multiple medical centres. Join us as we gain insights into her inspiring journey and the keys to…


Rosedale Medical Practice: Care Outside the Box

Rosedale Medical Practice is a wellness-focused medical practice in West Pennant Hills NSW, home to experienced general practitioners, allied health professionals and patient support staff. New practice owners Dr Jaspreet Saini and Gurleen Saini recently experienced their first round of accreditation with AGPAL. They expressed how valuable they found the process and kindly took the time to share their thoughts with us.


Groveway Medical: commitment to quality leads to first-timer accreditation success

When AGPAL GP Surveyor, Dr Robert Menz reported back to the AGPAL Team after his inital on-site accreditation assessment of Groveway Medical, he had only praise for the accreditation first-timer. The AGPAL Team was so impressed with Groveway Medical’s on-site assessment results, we recenty caught up with Owner, Dr Tan Quach to learn more about his practice and how his team navigated their first accreditation.


GO2 Health: GO2 Veterans

GO2 health excels in the care of contemporary veterans and Australian Defence Force (ADF) members through collaborative management with patient-centred care.

Image of Dr Sam Smith, owner of Next Practice, general practitioner and Zambrero and 2019 Australian of the Year

Next Practice

Dr Sam Prince – GP, humanitarian, founder of food chain Zambrero & Australian of the Year 2019 – is on a mission to improve healthcare globally

Image of Doctors of South Melbourne 2019 team

Doctors of South Melbourne

Doctors of South Melbourne share how they applied information technology to their business, what their staff gained from the accreditation experience, and why they use both online and traditional approaches to market the clinic.

Image of Gisborne Medical Centre at the AGPAL & QIP 2018 Excellence Awards

Gisborne Medical Centre

Recognised for their outstanding commitment to quality improvements during the period 2015 – 2017, Gisborne Medical Centre was awarded the AGPAL Rural and Remote General Practice of the Year in 2018.

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Hunters Hill Medical Practice

Recognised for their outstanding achievements during 30 June 2015 to 31 December 2017, Hunters Hill Medical Practice (HHMP), were awarded Excellence Winner of the AGPAL Chair General Practice of the Year for 2018.

Image of Maari Ma dancers

Maari Ma Aboriginal Health Corporation

How this multi-accredited Aboriginal Health Service is kicking goals managing their chronic disease strategy.


Pear Tree Family Practice

Celebrating their first birthday with the achievement of accreditation!