AGPAL Surveyor Training

An overview of AGPAL's comprehensive Surveyor Training Program and upcoming face-to-face GP training dates.

Surveyor training overview

Become a fully qualified AGPAL GP Surveyor for the National General Practice Accreditation (NGPA) Scheme with AGPAL’s comprehensive Surveyor Training Program. This flexible yet rewarding role allows you to actively contribute to quality improvement in Australian general practice while enhancing your own professional development in the process.

AGPAL’s comprehensive Surveyor Training Program ensures all Trainee Surveyors are supported during each stage of the process to become a qualified AGPAL Surveyor. The onboarding process is designed to ensure you have the skills and knowledge required to conduct accreditation assessments and associated reporting requirements.

AGPAL’s Surveyor Training Program has been developed in line with the NGPA Scheme requirements and comprises of e-Learning, comprehensive two-day face-to-face training and an observation exercise. AGPAL Surveyors are further supported with personalised guidance from members of the AGPAL Workforce Management Team and access to a user-friendly assessment software, known as AccreditationPro, to streamline the assessment and reporting process.

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Face-to-face training topics

The AGPAL Team host a series of face-to-face GP training sessions for successful trainee surveyors in various states and territories.

The face-to-face training covers the following topics:

  • The purposes and benefits of accreditation surveys
  • The role of GP Surveyors in the accreditation process
  • An overview of AGPAL’s processes and support

Reimbursement for your time

AGPAL recognises that undertaking surveyor training is a time commitment for you and as such, we’ve implemented a payment program for the completion of all mandatory training and activities required to become a qualified AGPAL GP Surveyor. You’ll be paid for the initial training and observation components, which will be added to the additional payment received for your mentored on-site assessment.

Support from the AGPAL Team

The AGPAL Team is on hand to support you throughout the surveyor onboarding process and as you continue in your role as a qualified AGPAL Surveyor.

AGPAL’s bespoke assessment software, AccreditationPro, provides you with all the tools and resources you’ll need to undertake your surveyor duties, along with additional self-paced eLearning modules that can be completed on your own schedule to assist you in meeting your ongoing eligibility requirements.

AGPAL also provides ongoing annual training to support and enhance your assessment skills, with the opportunity to engage in professional networking events to help build relationships and exchange knowledge and learnings amongst your peers.

Join AGPAL’s GP Surveyor Training program and take the first step in becoming a fully qualified AGPAL GP Surveyor. Contact our friendly team to express your interest today.

Interested in AGPAL GP Surveyor Training?