Complimentary eLearning

Enhance team knowledge and support professional development with our suite of online modules

Enhance team knowledge and support professional development with our suite of eLearning modules. Created by the AGPAL & QIP Education and Training team, all modules are housed within the AGPAL accreditation hub, under 'Education & Resource Library'.

These modules are available for viewing at any time, with some eligible for the allocation of QI&CPD points. Available exclusively to AGPAL clients at no additional cost, discover what’s currently available.

Training for 5th edition series

This training is an in-depth look at the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) Standards for general practices 5th edition. The eLearning comprises of five modules, which are:

Module 1: Introduction and orientation

  • Access and make sense of the Standards
  • Determine the intent of each Indicator
  • Understand on-site assessment with the Surveyor Team.

Module 5: Final assessment

  • Consolidate learning of the course
  • Test knowledge of the structure of the Standards
  • Reinforce understanding of the recommended process to work on the Intent of Indicators
  • Check comprehension of key challenging Indicators.

Module 2: Core Module

Module 3: Quality Improvement Module

Module 4: General Practice Module

  • Overview of the three modules the 5th edition is made up of, their Criteria and Indicators
  • Approaches to understanding the explanatory notes of selected Criterion
  • Problematic Indicators and options for evidence to meet them

Just a hop, skip and a jump to the 5th edition

Our ‘Just a hop, skip and a jump to the 5th edition’ eLearning series helps general practices transition from the 4th to the 5th edition of the RACGP Standards. It consists of six packages that cover:

  • Introduction to the 5th edition
  • Transitioning to outcome-focused standards
  • Intent of each new 5th edition Indicator
  • Application of evidence to new 5th edition Indicators
  • Focus concepts for general practices in the 5th edition, and
  • Preparing for 5th edition accreditation

Cultural learning program – Module 1: Introduction to Cultural Competence

Every Australian has the right to access safe, effective, responsive and suitable health and community care, and support services. Cultural respect must be embedded into the design, delivery and evaluation of services to ensure equality of care, service delivery and/or support.

This module aims to raise awareness and support clients to achieve a high level of cultural competence, what it looks like in practice and how to develop it.

Positive workplaces and high performing teams

‘Positive workplaces and high performing teams’ provides tips and strategies to boost health service workplace culture. As part of our quality improvement eLearning series, work on your general practice team development and team goals.

Implementing the strategies and approaches outlined in this module supports improving outcomes for patients and practice teams effectively. Topics covered include:

  • Team leaders – great teams start with great leadership
  • Know your team
  • Have clear roles and responsibilities for staff
  • Hire for the right reasons
  • Provide constant feedback
  • Acknowledge, reward and celebrate
  • Health care workplace culture
  • Implementing what you've learned from the module

This eLearning covers two Criterions of the RACGP Standards (5th edition) and assists your practice team with accreditation requirements.

Know first, be first, profit first

Learn about the driving forces impacting the health and community industries and hear ideas to support you to gain a strategic advantage during turbulent times. Presented by Craig Rispin, Business Futurist and Innovation Expert, at the AGPAL & QIP Conference, May 2018.

Elements of a successful general practice - how to get ahead

Running a practice involves successful management across multiple areas. To discover some of the elements of running a successful general practice and how to get ahead, listen to Gary Smith, AGPAL Surveyor and Practice Manager from his session at the AGPAL & QIP Conference, May 2018. Gain insight into what today’s top-performing practices have and how yours can be too.