GP Grants Program

How AGPAL can support your practice with accreditation in line with the Strengthening Medicare - GP Grants Program

Strengthening Medicare – GP Grants Program

Via the Strengthening Medicare – GP Grants Program, the Australian Government is investing $220 million in grants, over a two-year period from 2022 to 2024. These grants have been established to support general practices and eligible Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations (ACCHOs) to make improvements to their practices which expand patient access while supporting safe, and accessible, quality primary care.

If you’re an eligible general practice or ACCHO, a single one-off grant will be available to your practice to invest in a variety of quality improvement activities. A key area of quality improvement investment includes the maintenance or achievement of accreditation against the RACGP Standards for general practices 5th edition as part of the National General Practice Accreditation (NGPA) Scheme – to support and strengthen the provision of quality and safety within general practice.

Activities GP Grant Program funding can be used to improve:

Enhancing Digital Health Capability

To fast-track the benefits of a more connected healthcare system in readiness to meet future standards.

Upgrading infection prevention and control arrangements

To support the safe, face to face assessment of patients with symptoms of potentially infectious respiratory diseases (e.g. COVID, influenza).

Maintaining or achieving accreditation

Against the RACGP Standards for general practices 5th edition, under the National General Practice Accreditation Scheme - to promote quality and safety in general practice.


Accreditation is an integral part of safe and quality general practice in Australia, demonstrating a formal commitment to providing better patient care, safety and service delivery. It's also a mandatory criterion for participating in the Practice Incentives Program (PIP) and the Workplace Incentive Payments (WIP), and can provide access to higher levels of government funding as seen in the GP Grants scheme – non-accredited practices can access a maximum of $25,000 in funding, while accredited practices can access up to $50,000 allocated based on practice size.

As the leading provider of general practice accreditation in Australia (accrediting approximately 5,000 practices and ACCHO’s nation-wide), AGPAL can play an integral role in supporting your practice with the uptake and implementation of quality initiatives in line with the GP Grants Program.

How we can help you

The AGPAL Group has designed services to support practices at any stage of the accreditation journey: whether your practice has been successfully accredited, if you’ve engaged in some preparation, or if you’re brand new to the process. Each service will assist your quality improvement, helping you to expand patient access while supporting safe, and accessible, quality primary care.

These service offerings are designed to be mixed and matched with each other or with other key activities identified by your practice. Our team has outlined our AGPAL accreditation services below which you may wish to include as part of your Grant Application.

Accreditation Services - cost POA

Accreditation is a cyclic process of internally led self-assessment followed by an independent external assessment, aimed at facilitating quality service provision. Understanding the accreditation process enables a smooth accreditation experience for practice teams.

Undertaking accreditation allows you to benefit from:

  • Access to AGPAL's comprehensive range of over 300 practical, informative and customisable tools, resources and education offerings
  • Internally led self-assessment via AccreditationPro, AGPAL's web-based self-assessment tool, to determine the degree to which your practice meets the requirements of the RACGP Standards
  • Ability to gain continuing professional development (CPD) as part of undertaking the accreditation process
  • Funding benefits such as Practice Incentives Program (PIP) and Workforce Incentive Payments (WIP) upon successful accreditation

Offering deliverables:

  • Personalised assistance and ongoing support from your dedication Client Liaison Officer
  • Access to AGPAL's online accreditation hub, tailored to your practice's individual accreditation timelines and framework requirements
  • On-site accreditation assessment conducted by AGPAL Surveyors who have completed a comprehensive training program

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