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58 GP Supervisors recognised by GPSA

Young doctors who are yet to be registered for practice have a wealth of fresh theoretical knowledge and the recent practical learning from a placement position obtained through their higher education provider. What young doctors are yet to attain is the years’ worth of knowledge and experience that comes with being a family practitioner for Australian citizens, in both metropolitan, and regional or remote areas. Assisting in bridging this gap is the General Practice Supervisors Australia (GPSA), a national representative body who ensures unites general practitioner (GP) supervisors, enabling quality training for the next generation of family doctors.

‘GP Supervisors are highly trained specialist GPs who oversee the training of Australia’s future family practitioners in an apprentice-based model; shaping, guiding and mentoring the professional behaviours expected of General Practitioners before they can be vocationally registered.’ (GPSA, 2016)

The GPSA wants to ensure this vital contribution of GP supervisors is rewarded and recognised. In late December 2016, the GPSA awarded 58 of their GP supervisor members with Recognition of Service Awards. These award winners were nationally recognised as having provided over 10 years of service and dedication to nurturing the next generations of general practitioners.

The AGPAL team would like to congratulate all 58 GPSA recognised GP supervisors and provide thanks to all GP supervisors, each who play a key role in shaping the future of Australia’s health care provision.