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It’s A Wrap: Highlights from the 2023 AAPM National Conference

In October 2023, teams from the AGPAL Group of Companies, including CFEP Surveys, QIP, and AGPAL, had the pleasure of presenting on various topics, while also serving as booth sponsors, award presenters, and National Partners at the 2023 AAPM National Conference held in Adelaide. The event provided an excellent platform for engaging discussions on quality improvement and accreditation within the healthcare industry.

Throughout the conference, we thoroughly enjoyed exchanging ideas and insights with attendees who shared our passion for elevating standards in healthcare. The vibrant discussions revolved around the latest industry trends, challenges, and innovative approaches in quality improvement and accreditation.

A notable highlight of our involvement was the opportunity we provided to conference attendees to win one of six $200 Coles Myer gift cards. It was simple to enter – attendees submitted their top practice management tip for a chance to win.

Amidst the remarkable enthusiasm demonstrated by nearly 100 submissions, selecting winners from this impressive pool proved challenging. Nonetheless, let’s extend our heartfelt congratulations to the deserving individuals who secured a prize, as we share their responses below:

Nadine Blyth

Always have a “handover” document of things you would like your successor to know in case something unexpected happens to you.

Sherilyn Chen

Results take time – Don’t throw in the towel too soon!

Sarah Quinlan

Listen be open and honest with staff, and have a good support team around you.

Kylie Byatt

Always look after your team and your team will look after your practice.  Be a leader not a dictator.  But most of all, be brave, stand strong and remember to breathe.

Joanne Kruger

Involve your team as much as possible. It’s so important that the practice as a whole takes part in an ongoing basis, so you can be accreditation ready all of the time. Discuss it at team meetings and get their input into your policies and processes.

Myra Christodoulides

Be willing to change, and adapt, and be progressive.


As with previous years, our participation at this year’s AAPM Conference was a very rewarding experience, filled with enriching discussions and valuable insights. As we reflect on the event, we look forward to continuing our commitment to driving excellence in quality improvement and accreditation within the healthcare sector and can’t wait to catch up with you all in Darwin in 2024!