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AMA Family Doctor Week 2019

Sunday 21 July – Saturday 27 July 2019

Sunday 21 July kicked off the Australian Medical Association (AMA) Family Doctor Week. This year, Family Doctor Week aims to highlight the role that our family GPs play throughout our lives, and the overwhelming value they add to their communities and the health system as a whole.

As proud sponsors, we encourage you, as health professionals, to join us in promoting this year’s theme; Your family doctor and you: partnering for health.

With a range of promotional materials and insightful videos and a host of events throughout the week, there are plenty of resources for your practice to utilise and share with your patients and staff.

Share their videos on your practice’s social media and TV channels, display their posters in your waiting room, or keep track of each event as it happens.

Supporting the promotion of AMA Family Doctor Week encourages patients to focus on the benefits of their family doctor, and how their ongoing relationship can lead to greater care and improved health outcomes.