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Boosting practice success: AGPAL insights from the RACGP Practice Owners Conference

Bennet and Lynne recently attended the RACGP Practice Owners Conference in Cairns, where they had the opportunity to engage with healthcare professionals and practice owners on all things accreditation. The successful event allowed them to showcase the benefits of AGPAL’s services and connect with like-minded health professionals.

The conference also brought together healthcare professionals and practice owners to explore the latest trends and innovations in managing general practices. It was rich with themes centred around digital transformation, practice management, workforce solutions, and patient-centred care.


Engaging with Attendees

Throughout the conference, Bennet and Lynne demonstrated the advantages of the AGPAL accreditation hub, encouraging current clients to sign up for the upcoming AGPAL Accreditation Essentials webinar. This webinar aims to provide existing clients with resources to support practices in meeting accreditation standards and enhancing service quality.

Their engagement fostered in-depth discussions about the practicalities and benefits of accreditation, creating a collaborative environment where attendees could share experiences and insights. It was great to see many new practice owners branching out and using the accreditation process to establish their systems effectively.


Embracing Digital Transformation and Future Practice Ownership

The conference emphasised the increasing role of digital technology and proactive management strategies in healthcare. Key highlights included the integration of telehealth, efficient use of Electronic Health Records (EHRs), and the implementation of AI tools to enhance administrative workflows. Attendees were encouraged to stay informed about industry trends, foster innovation within their teams, and develop succession plans to ensure long-term success.


Effective Financial Management and Workforce Solutions

Discussions covered essential aspects of financial management and workforce development. Speakers emphasised to practice owners the importance of detailed budgeting, diversifying services, and utilising financial analytics for data-driven decisions. Workforce solutions focused on flexible scheduling, continuous professional development (CPD), promoting work-life balance, and enhancing diversity and inclusion within the practice.


Networking and Collaboration

The conference provided ample networking opportunities through peer-group sessions, industry exhibits, and mentorship programs. Organisers encouraged attendees to engage in community-building activities, share best practices, and collaborate on initiatives to address common challenges in general practice.


Sharing key insights from CFEP Surveys Breakfast Symposia

A highlight of the conference was the presentation by AGPAL’s Group CEO, Dr Tina Janamian, alongside Madeline Jammal, Tracey Johnson, and Gary Smith AM at the CFEP Surveys breakfast symposia. For those not in attendance, here are some key points shared:

  • Patient-Reported Measures (PREMs and PROMs): These tools support patient-centred care by providing real-time feedback to address concerns promptly, improving both patient experience and outcomes. Case studies demonstrated how practices are using CFEP Surveys’ Active Insights for quality improvement, enhancing patient experience and retention.
  • Accreditation and CPD: Doctors can use CFEP Surveys’ Practice Accreditation Survey Plus to obtain CPD hours. This includes obtaining patient feedback for practice accreditation and also receiving personalised feedback reports for professional development.
  • Patient Activation Measure® (PAM®): This tool helps care teams tailor their approach based on patient activation levels, empowering patients to increase their self-management abilities, and improving overall outcomes and sustainability in the health system.

The Practice Owners Conference in Cairns was a tremendous success, providing Bennet and Lynne with the opportunity to discuss accreditation, demonstrate the benefits of the AGPAL accreditation hub, and connect with like-minded health professionals. It was particularly inspiring to see so many new practice owners using the accreditation process to establish robust systems within their practices. The presentation by Dr Tina Janamian, Tracey Johnson, Madeline Jammal and Gary Smith AM further highlighted the importance of patient feedback and continuous improvement in healthcare.

AGPAL remains committed to supporting practices across Australia in their pursuit of excellence in healthcare, ensuring that quality care and patient safety remain at the forefront. For more information, visit AGPAL or contact our team at