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Image of Amanda and Melanie at GPCE Sydney 2024

GP Surveyors and Accreditation: Highlights from GPCE Sydney

Amanda and Melanie from the workforce team recently attended the General Practice Conference & Exhibition (GPCE) in Sydney, an event that brought together leading healthcare professionals to discuss the latest in healthcare standards and accreditation.


Insightful exchanges, enlightening discussions, and numerous opportunities to answer questions about becoming a GP Surveyor with AGPAL filled the conference.


Throughout the weekend, Amanda and Melanie engaged with numerous attendees, sharing AGPAL’s mission as a not-for-profit organisation and the vital role accreditation and education play in enhancing healthcare standards. They provided comprehensive information on the process of becoming a GP Surveyor – an essential role in maintaining the quality of healthcare services.


During these interactions, Amanda and Melanie explained that the surveyor role is an “above and beyond” commitment, serving as professional development rather than a part-time or full-time job. This perspective resonated with many attendees who were looking for ways to enhance their professional growth.


Attendees commonly asked several questions, reflecting a keen interest in the surveyor role and the broader accreditation process. Amanda and Melanie compiled a few of the comments, questions, and answers discussed throughout the conference based on their feedback.


Q: What does the training process involve?

A: There are two pathways available when training to become a surveyor:

  1. Pre-onsite online training: This involves approximately 20 hours of online training.
  2. Hybrid arrangement: This includes two days in a classroom environment with a small portion of online learning.

Both options require one observation and one mentored visit, ensuring comprehensive preparation for the role.


Q: What is the time commitment required as a GP Surveyor?

A: The minimum requirement is five assessments per year, with most assessments equating to four hours. This translates to approximately 2.5 days a year. Surveyors can opt to do more assessments if desired, but this is the minimum requirement.


Q: How far do I need to travel in my role as a GP Surveyor?

A: Surveyors have the flexibility to choose their locations. They can nominate themselves for assessments within their city, state, or even Australia-wide. This flexibility allows surveyors to balance their professional commitments with the demands of the surveyor role.


The GPCE Sydney conference was a valuable opportunity for Amanda and Melanie to connect with healthcare professionals, share insights about the accreditation process, and encourage more GPs to consider the rewarding role of a surveyor.


AGPAL remains committed to supporting practices across Australia in their pursuit of excellence in healthcare, ensuring that patient safety and quality care are always at the forefront.


For more information on becoming a GP Surveyor, visit AGPAL’s website or contact our team at