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How GPs can leverage patient feedback to gain CPD

Committing to practice-wide quality improvement using patient feedback can earn GPs up to 42% (21 hours) of their annual CPD requirements.

The RACGP recognises that patient experience feedback is highly valuable as it can identify opportunities for quality improvements at the service level while also highlighting key trends to support practice-wide change.

The Medical Board of Australia (MBA) now requires GPs to record 50 hours of CPD annually. Read more about meeting the MBA’s new CPD requirements here.

There are two ways RACGP members can claim CPD for their patient feedback and quality improvement initiatives, and you might already be doing them!

Practice meetings – gain 40% of your annual CPD

By conducting and documenting monthly practice meetings (minimum 10 x 1 hr meetings) focussing on quality improvement, GPs can claim 20 hours (40%) of their annual CPD requirement.

During this meeting, your practice team can:

  1. Discuss the results of your Practice Accreditation Survey (PAIS) and/or PREMs patient feedback
  2. Plan quality improvement activities based on the feedback you’ve received, and
  3. Report the progress of action items from your practice’s quality improvement plan.

The RACGP has approved this hybrid activity for the following CPD allocation:
Educational activities – 5 hours
Measuring outcomes – 5 hours
Reviewing performance – 10 hours

Annual Professional Development Plan

GPs are required to submit a personalised Professional Development Plan annually. RACGP members can claim 1 hour (Reviewing Performance) for developing, reviewing and updating their Professional Development Plan.

Patient feedback – gathered from either Multi-Source Feedback (MSF) or your practice’s PREMs and/or accreditation-required patient feedback (Practice Accreditation Survey (PAIS)) initiatives – is a robust way to inform your Professional Development Plan so you can focus your CPD journey to build upon strengths and address weaknesses that your patients have highlighted.


Power-up your practice’s quality improvement meeting with real time patient feedback

Patient feedback tools such as Active Insights by CFEP Surveys make preparing for your monthly practice meeting easy.  Implementing Active Insights in your practice will assist your team in informing practice improvements and innovations on the fly. This patient experience tool will allow your practice team to respond immediately to issues and action improvements with instant feedback and insights.

Active Insights empowers your practice to:

  • Collect, collate and display customer feedback in live, interactive dashboards
  • Measure trends and report on improvements over time, and
  • Review, action and report on feedback instantly.

Watch this short video to find out more about Active Insights.