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Header image for general practice insights report 2016-17

NPS MedicineWise General Practice Insight Report 2016-17

The Department of Health, in conjunction with NPS MedicineWise, recently released their first General Practice Insight Report 2016-17, which details the top reasons for GP visits, the most common conditions and prescribed medicine, and a further range of clinical data and insights collated at a national level.

Using 2.1 million de-identified patient’s information across 475 general practices, the findings are being used to highlight what GPs are doing well while offering suggestion for improvement.

One example provided, indicated that 43% of high-risk cardiovascular cases were not prescribed guideline-recommended statin therapy. As a result, an education program was undertaken in an attempt to assist general practitioners in identification and management of such cases.

The overall goal of the report is to strike conversion between GPs to further develop insights in Australian primary healthcare and to ultimately to improve the quality of patient care across the sector.

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