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Positive workplaces and high performing teams new AGPAL e-Learning Module now available!

Want to strengthen your practice’s positive workplace culture and create a high performing team? Look no further than QbAY, in your AGPAL accreditation hub resource and education library!

Our new AGPAL e-Learning module – ‘Positive workplaces and high performing teams’ provides you with tips and strategies to boost workplace culture while aiding in the creation of a high performing team. Rather than finding work a struggle, exhausting and demotivating, employees in positive workplaces are more likely to enjoy work and have a sense of belonging which, in turn, positively impacts the organisation’s culture.

a healthcare setting, implementing the strategies and approaches outlined in this module supports you and your practice improve outcomes for both patients and staff.

Within this e-Learning module you’ll also learn how this topic feeds into relevant components of the RACGP Standards 5th edition to assist your practice team with your accreditation requirements.

To start learning about how you can transform your practice, log into your AGPAL accreditation hub and click ‘EDUCATION & RESOURCES (QbAY) > ‘E-LEARNING’ > ‘Quality Improvement Services to access your ‘Positive workplaces and high performing teams’ e-Learning module.

For more information, contact the AGPAL team via P 1300 362 111  |  E