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RACGP 5th edition Standards second draft released

The RACGP have released the second draft of the 5th edition Standards for review and consultation. This consultation phase is running from 6 June 2016 to 30 September 2016. The RACGP welcomes feedback from stakeholders on the second draft of the new Standards and the Resource Guide for the RACGP Standards for general practices.

To ensure the Standards remain relevant and responsive to the needs of the general practice profession, the draft Standards are also being piloted in 100 practices across Australia during this consultation period. AGPAL is supporting the RACGP with the undertaking of the national pilot study. By piloting the Standards; this allows the RACGP to test for feasibility, acceptability, achievability and applicability for the next edition for practices.

The second draft has been developed by the RACGP Expert Committee – Standards for General Practices and has been informed by:

  • stakeholder feedback from two consultation phases
  • results from another small scale pilot
  • comparable national and international primary care standards
  • available evidence

Be sure to visit the RACGP website here:…/…/standardsdevelopment/ to download your copy of the draft Standards for review.

To provide your feedback or for more information or queries regarding the 5th edition Standards (second draft) please contact the RACGP Standards Unit:
Phone: 03 9998 8630

To discuss AGPAL pilot opportunities, please contact Kim Angove, National Manager, AGPAL Accreditation via email at