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UPDATE: More Modules added to AGPAL’s Quality Toolbox Series!

AGPAL’s Quality Toolbox Series was launched in October, offering useful information into short, interactive and easy to follow online modules.

In addition to Parts 1 to 3 surrounding Marketing Your Practice, three more modules have been added. We are excited to launch the following new toolbox features:

  • Staff Immunisations
  • Doctor’s Bag
  • Clinical Governance

Follow the simple steps below to start accessing the AGPAL Quality Toolbox Series today:

  1. Login to the AGPAL accreditation hub with your unique username and password.
  2. Once logged in, select ‘Education’ from the left-hand menu, followed by ‘AGPAL Online Learning’
  3. Start viewing AGPAL’s Quality Toolbox Series

Be sure to check back to our AGPAL website, upcoming AGPAL Assist e-bulletins and our social media channels for updates regarding the release of additional online e-Learning modules.

For suggestions regarding specific e-Learning needs, please contact our Education and Training team by emailing