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The Value of Engaging in a Mentor Program

With the New Year upon us, many of you will be starting to think about the personal and/or professional goals you would like to achieve in 2017.

With ongoing education and learning a key component of accreditation for all practice staff, there are multiple opportunities available across general practice to support professional development, growth and knowledge building.

One extremely valuable option, which you or your team may not have previously considered, is the engagement in a mentoring program.

Learning from someone ‘who’s been there and done that’ provides a mentee with unique and personalised perspective into roles, responsibilities, strategies and lessons learnt to assist them with future planning and self-development.

A Mentor and Mentee relationship is the perfect platform for passing on knowledge and advice, while offering a tailored support platform to assist in goal setting, enhance career direction and support of individual specific learning.

Mentoring programs work both ways, with Mentors sharing their knowledge and experiences, having the time to reflect on their own learnings, and gain new perspectives from their Mentees.

At times, a mentoring program can be set up between staff in your own practice. However bouncing ideas off someone removed from your day-to-day environment can result in the provision of varied viewpoints.

Profession focused, industry and peak bodies frequently offer mentoring programs, in addition to consultants right across Australia. Fortunately for Practice Managers, AAPM are currently seeking Mentees for their first 2017 mentoring program (kick-starting in March), with applications closing on Thursday 2 February.

AAPM’s Mentoring Program consists of six one hour sessions via telephone, skype or face-to-face depending on the location of the mentor and mentee. AAPM Mentors all have a minimum of five years’ experience in Practice Management, a passion for their profession and will support their mentees by identifying intended outcomes for each session. Having the opportunity to engage with an experienced and quality focused Practice Manager, will allow Mentees to gain a new level of in-depth knowledge, understanding and practical tips about their chosen profession.

Eligibility requirements apply. All Mentees must be a currently financial AAPM member and employed as a healthcare Practice Manager, working a minimum 15 hour week in that role.

If you or your Practice Manager are interested in AAPM’s Mentoring Program be sure to submit your application before Thursday 2 February 2017.  Program guidelines, format, confidentiality agreements and eligibility requirements are all available on the AAPM website –

The AGPAL team wishes you the best of luck with your 2017 goals and for any accreditation related queries regarding professional development requirements, contact us on 1300 362 111 or email