AGPAL & QIP's Education and Training Team specialise in delivering high-quality training solutions tailored to your organisation’s learning needs. Supporting organisations with healthcare transformation, cultural change, change management, governance, workforce capacity and, of course, accreditation and quality improvement, is our reason for being.

We are flexible in our educational approach and will collaborate with you to ensure your training solution truly matches your needs.

Service categories

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Training Formats

The AGPAL & QIP Education and Training Team provides training solutions in a range of modes. The modes offered to our clients cover everything in-person to online delivery, along with documentation support and much more to truly meet the needs and budgets of each client. Often times, we find that blended learning methods have been the most effective, training-efficient method.

We provide interactive, engaging and bespoke face-to-face workshops. Our workshops are:

  • Co-created in collaboration with our client, our team of educational professionals, and specifically selected subject matter experts
  • Inclusive of small group and whole group discussions, and reflective and practical activities that support the translation of learning into professional practice
  • At your preferred location and the duration may range from half-days to five days depending on your learning needs and financial options, and
  • Delivered by facilitators who are nationally recognised experts in their subject areas and are passionate educators.

Education and Training Topics

Whether you'd like to hone in on one topic or cover several, our Education and Training Team provides tailored training solutions across a variety of topics.

  • Accreditation, certification and/or verification and quality assurance
  • Organisational auditing
  • Consumer and stakeholder feedback
  • Standards including

Business and Finance for High Performance

The ‘Business and Finance for High Performance' package offered by the AGPAL & QIP Education and Training Team is designed to support learners to gain an understanding of the steps applicable to the client’s organisation, and help build a strong business plan. Additionally, it will develop skills to implement innovative business models and develop an understanding of business risk management.

This package is designed for up to 30 participants, but has the option to add additional participants.

Package inclusions

Culturally Relevant and Safe Health Care

This comprehensive 'Culturally Relevant and Safe Health Care Learning' training package is designed to support learners to better understand their role in providing culturally relevant, safe and appropriate services. This package will help participants develop a deep and inspired insight into cultural learning that can be applied within their respective role.

This package is designed for up to 30 participants, but has the option to add additional participants.

Package inclusions

Embedding a Culture of CQI

A comprehensive AGPAL & QIP Education and Training package, ‘Embedding a Culture of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)’ assists our clients to dive deep into CQI. Learners will be able to engage with CQI methods to support sustainable change, develop approaches to understand and implement CQI, develop an understanding of the quality measurement journey and learn best practice strategies to maximise CQI.

Package inclusions

Engaged Leadership & Managing Change

The AGPAL & QIP Education and Training ‘Engaged Leadership and Managing Change’ package is designed to help the learner understand foundational aspects of change management and the challenges behind driving change, develop skills to proactively lead through change and identify strategies to effectively facilitate change.

Package inclusions

Implementing Innovative Models of Care

This online package ‘Implementing Innovative Models of Care’ by AGPAL & QIP Education and Training is designed to support the learner to understand the key steps to be able to collaborate as a practice team to develop, identify and implement innovative models of care. This package assists learners to develop skills to strengthen leadership, partnership, communication and governance for integrated care and develop understanding on change management plans for implementing a new model of care.

Package inclusions

Make the Most of Your Data

AGPAL & QIP’s ‘Making the Most of Your Data’ package is designed to support the learner to unpack key components of maintaining safe information sharing. This package helps learners to understand how to set up shared care planning and shared clinical governance, better understand organisational audits and their impact on data sharing processes and approaches.

Package inclusions