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Glenrock Country Practice

Image of Glenrock Country Practice staff cutting a cake celebrating 10 years

Glenrock Country Practice was built in 2005 in the rapidly growing suburb of Glenfield Park in Wagga Wagga NSW by Dr Ayman Shenouda and Dr Samiha Azab.

Since then, the practice has continued to flourish, allowing the growth of two additional practices, one in the nearby suburb of Lake Albert, and one in The Rock, a small town about 30kms from Wagga Wagga.

The practice is one of Wagga Wagga’s most modern, purpose built medical centres. Glenrock Country Practices have grown to house 10 General Practitioners, six Registered Nurses, a Practice Manager, Receptionists, an Exercise Physiologist, Dietician, Podiatrist, Diabetes Educator, Asthma Educator, two Psychologists and a Pharmacist.


Having recently celebrated their 10 year birthday and receiving a number of industry accolades throughout the past 10 years, the AGPAL team were fortunate to speak with Glenrock Country Practice’s Practice Manager, Tania Cotterill, to get her insights into practice operations and key achievements.

AGPAL Team: To the entire practice team, congratulations on your 10 year milestone. Can you tell us what you did to celebrate?
Tania: Our biggest and most recent achievement would have to be the celebration of our 10 year anniversary of servicing the community of Wagga Wagga and its surrounds. We reached this milestone in November 2015, and held several celebrations to mark the massive occasion. Firstly in order to thank the community for their ongoing support for the last 10 years we held an open day here at the practice.

We organised jumping castles, face painters, balloons, a BBQ and treats for the children. All of our staff participated, with nurses and allied health offering advice and education on a variety of health matters including asthma, podiatry, exercise, diabetes, blood pressure etc. There was a very large turnout and it made for a very fun and informative afternoon. We also held a cocktail evening for invited guests including noted specialists in the region and local figures. It was incredibly meaningful to share our support and success with the community.

AGPAL Team: Can you tell us what you believe is the main driver behind the practice’s ongoing success?
Tania: At Glenrock Country Practice our main goal is to be patient focused. We aim to support population health incentives through chronic disease management and health service integration through continued improvement in health care delivery within the local region by playing a role in promoting integration through collaboration with allied health services. We support the general practice workforce by attracting new doctors to work in a friendly, well-structured and comfortable practice; and obviously involve patients in all our health care planning and decision making where relevant.

With the increase in GPs and nurses within our workforce we are able to provide healthcare to a larger number of patients and their needs on a day to day basis. Our practices are now able to provide the following services to our patients:

  • Women’s Health Programs, Men’s Health Programs, Indigenous Health, Antenatal and Postnatal Care, Immunisation Clinics,
  • Skin Checks and Surgical Procedures (including removal of skin cancers, melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma),
  • Health Assessments, Pre-Employment Medicals, Travel Advice,
  • Aged Care, Home Visits,
  • Diabetes Programs, Dietician Programs, Exercise Programs, Podiatry Treatment, Mental Health Care, Asthma Programs and Hearing Screenings.

AGPAL Team: You’ve undergone seven accreditation cycles – congratulations! Can you share with us your tips for preparing for each accreditation cycle?
Tania: Accreditation at Glenrock Country Practice involves all our staff and teams and the next cycle of preparation for accreditation starts as soon as the accreditors exit the building. Glenrock Country Practice is committed to the continuous quality improvements and to achieve the highest possible standards. After every accreditation, all staff attend a dinner in appreciation for all their efforts displayed during the preparation and process for accreditation. We have been through seven accreditation cycles and the key to succeeding is the preparation and ongoing commitment to the practices and patients.

AGPAL Team: Can you tell us more about the different ways Glenrock supports your local community?
Tania: Glenrock Country Practice has supported and donated thousands of dollars to the following charities, Cancer Council, Running for Premature Babies, Black Dog Institute, Cure for Brain Cancer Foundation, Wagga Men’s shed, Pillars of Strength just to name a few. All our staff at Glenrock are wanting to make a difference and by supporting charities and giving back to the community has made this viable.

AGPAL Team: What recent updates has the team made?
Tania: Our website is continually being updated with new information. Our patient information sheets and practice information brochure are both readily available online. We also have information about our allied health services and other clinics run at the practice, as well as the practice’s policy on privacy and confidentiality.

AGPAL Team: Your practice has been recognised for many notable achievements; can you share with us some of the awards you have received?
Tania: Dr Shenouda and Dr Azab were very pleased to see their practice become a reality. They spent five years researching this project to develop the perfect local practice for our community.

During the past 10 years of operation, Dr Shenouda, Dr Azab and staff have claimed many accolades including AGPAL Consumer Participation Award, AGPAL Practice of the Year Award (NSW), AGPAL Safety and Quality Award. In 2009, Dr Shenouda received the RACGP GP of the Year Award and become Chair of the RACGP National Rural Faculty.

More recently, the practice was awarded the Wagga Wagga Business Chambers Crow Awards – 2016 Employer of Choice Award and the 2016 Excellence in Workplace Diversity. Two awards we are very proud of.

“Our pursuit of excellence begins with our commitment to our staff – the true strength of our organisation”, said Dr Shenouda. “We embrace teamwork and seek to create a challenging, stimulating work environment for our people”. We understand the important role that a warm, supportive environment and the availability of social and recreational activities can play in our patient experiences.”

Practice Manager, Tania Cotterill, would like to make mention on behalf of all the staff at Glenrock Country Practice, that working with Dr Shenouda and Dr Azab makes coming to work every day very easy. They are very generous, hardworking people who are completely dedicated and committed to their patients and staff. They always strive for the highest standards, and this is what has taken us all to be where we are today. As a token of our gratitude, and to commemorate the success of the practice for 10 years, a 3D architecture model of the main practice in Glenfield Park was custom built as a gift from all the Glenrock staff. Dr Shenouda and Dr Azab were so overwhelmed, but we all wanted them to know how respected and admired they are to all of us.

AGPAL would like to thank Tania and the Glenrock Country Practice team for sharing their successes and story with us, and congratulate them as they celebrate their 10 years of service. For further information about Glenrock Country Practice, visit their website,