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AGPAL webinar: Contingency planning for general practice

At AGPAL, we view accreditation as a continuous improvement journey that we guide general practices through to ensure their patients, staff and community receive the best quality care and support. To assist throughout this process, our Education and Training team endeavour to provide on-going support and resources for your practice team to learn and benefit from.

As part of these offerings, we host live webinars, some available to the public and other complimentary to AGPAL clients. These provide accreditation guidance, standards advice, policy and procedure tips, and highlight major updates as they arise.

Contingency planning for general practice

Contingency planning plays a critical role in managing risk and when all doesn’t go to plan it’s important to be prepared. Effective contingency planning includes regular review, monitoring and implementation of measures to mitigate risk to equip you with a planned approach to managing risk should an unexpected situation or event occur.

This AGPAL webinar, recorded on 30 June 2020, provides practical tips and processes to support effective contingency planning should a significant event, such as a natural disaster or pandemic for example, impact your practice. We outline the relevant Standards or Indicators of the RACGP Standards 5th edition to assist your team in identifying your accreditation requirements in relation to contingency planning.

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