At AGPAL, we view accreditation as a continuous improvement journey that we guide general practices through to ensure their patients, staff and community receive the best quality care and support. To assist throughout this process, our Education and Training team endeavour to provide on-going support and resources for your practice team to learn and benefit from.

As part of these offerings, we host live webinars, some available to the public and other complimentary to AGPAL clients. These provide accreditation guidance, standards advice, policy and procedure tips, and highlight major updates as they arise.

Browse our upcoming webinars below for more information on topics and dates.

Unable to make an upcoming webinar or missed a previous one? All webinars are recorded! Publically available webinars are listed below for access at any time and all complimentary AGPAL client webinars are available in the 'WEBINARS' section of your AGPAL accreditation hub.

Upcoming AGPAL webinars

Upcoming AGPAL client webinars

Upcoming complimentary webinars for non-AGPAL clients

Recorded AGPAL webinars

Complimentary webinars for non-AGPAL clients

Accessing your AGPAL client webinars

Access each webinar live or post-event by following the details below:

  • Recorded webinars and webinar registration links can be found in the ‘WEBINARS’ section of your education and resource library, within your AGPAL accreditation hub.
  • Each webinar is between 20 to 30 minutes long. At times we may go slightly over however if you need to leave simply log out of the webinar.
  • All webinar start times are in based on AEST.
  • Due to software capabilities, each LIVE webinar is capped at 500 attendees, however, all webinars will be recorded and loaded into the ‘WEBINARS’ section of your education and resource library within your AGPAL accreditation hub the following week.
  • Registration will be allocated on a ‘first in’ basis.
  • All webinars will be undertaken using GoToWebinar.
  • The webinar will open 45 minutes prior to the start of a webinar to allow ample time for connection set-up. You may be required to download GoToWebinar if the program doesn’t automatically launch.
  • After registering for a webinar, GoToWebinar will send you a registration confirmation and reminder one day prior to the event.

Our team will endeavour to answer your questions at the end of each webinar, however, all additional queries will be followed up in AGPAL communications or by contacting your AGPAL Client Liaison Officer.

For any queries or support contact the AGPAL Team.